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Dr. Wallentine is registered through the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to perform DOT Physical Exams


  REGISTRY # 7632643901 1

 The National Registry of Certified

Medical Examiners

The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

(National Registry) is a Federal program that establishes

requirements for healthcare professionals that perform

physical qualification examinations for truck and bus drivers.

To become a certified medical examiner (ME) and be listed on the National Registry, healthcare professionals must complete training and testing on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) physical qualificationsstandards and guidelines.


Background Information


The National Registry

  • Ensures that medical examiners sufficiently understand how FMCSA medical regulations and related guidance apply to CMV drivers.

  • Was created to enhance CMV driver health and reduce highway crashes. Information from NTSB crash investigations indicates that improper medical certification of CMV drivers with serious disqualifying medical conditions has directly contributed to fatal and injury crashes.


Important Dates

The National Registry is effective 30 days after

publication with a compliance date of 2 years from

the effective date.


Two years from the effective date, all interstate

CMV drivers must have their physical examination

performed by a certified medical examiner listed on

the National Registry.


Impact on Medical Examiners

Medical examiners that currently perform or wish to

perform physical examinations for interstate CMV

drivers must complete training about FMCSA’s physical

qualifications regulations and advisory criteria, and pass

a certification test to be listed on the National Registry.


Medical examiners that pass the certification test will

receive a certificate as proof of successful completion of

the certification test.


Certified medical examiners will be listed in an onlineregistry.


Two years from the effective date, only certified

medical examiners are allowed to perform CMV driver

physical examinations.


Only those driver certificates issued by medical

examiners listed on the National Registry will be

considered valid by FMCSA.


Once certified, medical examiners must comply

with training, testing, and FMCSA administrative

requirements to maintain a listing on the National



Medical examiners must take refresher training every

5 years and take the certification test every 10 years to

maintain their certification.

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