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Dr. Brett Wallentine, MD


Dr. Brett Wallentine

Dr. Wallentine has been practicing Board Certified Family Medicine in the Augusta area since 1997.  Originally from Idaho, he fell in love with the South while stationed at Fort Gordon during his internship. 

He graduated from the University of Utah in 1989, and went on to attain his medical degree from the Uniformed Service University for the Health Sciences in 1993.  Subsequently, he was accepted to Eisenhower Army Medical Center's Family Practice Program.

Upon leaving the military in 2001, he worked locally for a year before opening Evans Urgent Care with the hopes of providing his patients with a friendly, empathetic environment without the burden of appointments.  His desire is that his patients be treated with kindness and understanding from check-in to check-out.

In September 2014, Dr. Wallentine and Trish were married in Evans, Georgia.  They work together ensuring that their team is providing the best health care in a clean, stress-free environment.  Evans Urgent are and Family Medicine is truly one of the last solo-family practice clinics in the area.

Dr Wallentine and Trish have 5 wonderful children - Niccole, Grant, Lexi, Gabby and Taylor.  Niccole is a First Lieutenant serving in the Army.  She will soon be applying to Physical Therapy School through the military.  Grant is a Petty Officer currently serving in the Navy Reserves.  Lexi is attending Augusta University and will be applying to Medical School at the end of her junior year.  Gabby also is attending Augusta University and is considering a career in the medical field as well.  Our youngest, Taylor, is in her final stretch at Greenbriar High School.  All the children at some point have worked in the clinic, thus truly making this a family driven Family Practice Clinic.

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