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Evans Urgent Care Policies


Insurance Cards

We ask that you present your insurance card when you check-in for each of your visits. This allows our staff to verify our office has your correct information on file and helps to decrease insurance filing errors. If you do not wish to provide your insurance card upon check-in, we will ask you to pay for your visit at the time of service.


Service Payment

We expect our patients to pay for their visits at the time the services are rendered. This includes your co-payments, deductibles, co-insurances, and any balance on your account.



Please allow 5 days for our office to process referrals or prior-authorizations required by your insurance company. We ask our patients to contact their insurance companies to verify if a referral is necessary for specialist visits.

Medication Refills

You may request medication refills by calling our office. Our office asks for 24 hours from the time of your call to process this request.


Please ensure that you have had annual blood work and an office visit before requesting refills.


We cannot refill controlled medications over the phone. You must return to the clinic for an office visit with Dr. Wallentine in order to obtain refills.


Please call our office at least one week prior to running out of your medications. This will ensure that if your medication is unable to be refilled over the phone you will have enough time to come in for an office visit before running out of medication.

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